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May 14, 2013
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More to come

About me

Daily we find ourselves growing in technology. from the days of building computers in basements that can only act as word processors to the devices today that do so much. I have always looked at how can we do that and "Whats Next" From computer repair, to programming, to telecommunications my career paths have always drawn me to the next thing. I find the best way to achieve my goals is through helping others achieve theirs. I find that taking the outside perspective and looking at the customers needs we can find an optimized solution.

What people have to say

  • IT Director for a major Access control systems company

    Key to the success of several high-importance tight-time-line IT projects. His follow-up and follow-through helped keep things on track, from delivery of Telecommunication Circuits to Wiring schedules to much needed software and licenses. Donny was the contact to have to make sure everything went smoothly.
  • System Designer/ Developer/ Implementer

    Donny is a dedicated professional who has always been the kind of person you instinctively know is right for the job at hand. He is attentive, reliable and a pleasure to work with in general. I have known Donny for a long time, and he has always come across as someone with an aptitude for the nuances of understanding & then supplying client demands in a way that makes him stand out from the rest.
  • System Integrator, Maintainer

    He truly puts the customer's best interest to the top of the list. The solutions provided take into account both the current situation and future planning.